2016-07-17 10:49 pm

From the airhead, with love

I don't expect much people to read this especially since I've not told anyone I know about this journal, and that's why I decided to use this little journal website for hosting. I just like having spaces where I can ramble on about anything, and the idea of my very own small corner of the interwebs where any stranger can stumble upon appeals to me. Just a byte of data to show that I'm here, existing, saying something, which will probably not gain much attention or always be here in the future. Oh, look, I've already got a bit of nostalgia just thinking about this.

I also just like to write, and maybe this will help me get better. *shrug* I'll be that classmate always sitting at the sidelines staring off into space. Don't mind me.

Call me Amelia, which isn't my real name, but agreeable enough. Or 'the antarctican,' which is what I go by on most of the internet. I like to talk aimlessly about a number of things, doodle on any and all surfaces, and write about little places in my head that will probably bore you. All in all, I am a collection of sqiuggly lines you can feel free to ignore and pass on your way. I'd just like to wish you a good evening before you go.